Documentary on World Famous Ramleela, Ramnagar | विश्वप्रसिद्ध रामलीला, रामनगर | Varanasi

World Famous Ramleela: Ramnagar (A Cultural Heritage of Varanasi)

Ramleela Ramnagar

Ramleela means the divine deeds of Lord Rama. But there is a lot more than just this thinking about Lord Rama and his deeds. It is an enormous carousel, where Lord Rama is portrayed in live action. But the portrayal doesn’t end upon the stage and audience, the best thing about Ramleela of Ramnagar, is everybody for that moment of their lives will find themselves at Ayodhya.

As the Teenage boys enact the characters, the audience teleport their lives to the very Satyuga. And Why not? This month long carnival celebrated exactly the way they were 200 years back. With no electrical lights, no rigorous sound, just stuck into the very basic version. That is why it is that special.

The Maharaja of Ramnagar himself, arrive in the fest everyday and watch it with the whole town. Where, the number of audience is exponentially expanding every time. And it covers every little aspect; from “Rama Janma” , “Vanvaas”, “Bharat Milap”, “Lanka Dehen” to everything. And the best part, the fest keeps moving; the venues keep changing and still people with whole heart visit to the event with classic Indian Ittarfragrances upon their Shirts.

This is a beautiful creation of classic India in the days of Rush.

Ramlila Ramnagar, Varanasi, IIT(BHU), Indian Institute of Technology (Benaras Hindu University), Hindu subtitle.

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