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“Innovation in Education: Learn with fun, hands on maths and science workshop” was sponsored by GSDS and supported by MCIIE IIT BHU. The event was organized at Kasturba Mahila Vidyapeeth Inter College, Sewapuri, Varanasi and was conducted by Rosehub Workshops. The workshop was conducted between 21st to 28th December in 2 stages. 400 children from […]

Gap-Sap with | Prof. Kunal Karan | University of Calgary, Canada

We had a wonderful conversation with Prof. Kunal Karan; Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada. He works in the field of alternative energy, specifically on ‘electrochemical’ energy conversion and storage technologies. He is internationally recognized for his notable contributions in the field of fuel cells, which is an energy conversion technology akin to […]

Applications of Adaptive Optics | A lecture by Prof. Brij N. Agrawal | IIT BHU | English

“Educate to innovate, innovate to change” Institute Lecture Series Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi& Technex-17 brings you the 26th Institute Lecture & the Fifth Pre-fest Think Talk of Technex ’17 Professor Brij N. Agrawal Distinguished Professor in the Department of  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Director of the Spacecraft Research and Design Center, […]

Living with a Star | A Lecture by Prof Robert (Erdelyi) von Fay-Siebenburgen

Professor Robert (Erdelyi) von Fay-Siebenburgen has delivered 23rd Institute Lecture of IIT(BHU) on  Monday, the 19th September, 2016 About the Speaker: Prof. Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen (​popularly Prof​ Robertus Erdelyi, ​in​ publication​) i​s​ a ​Professor and  ​Head of Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre in School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield, UK. He is […]