Living with a Star | A Lecture by Prof Robert (Erdelyi) von Fay-Siebenburgen

Professor Robert (Erdelyi) von Fay-Siebenburgen has delivered 23rd Institute Lecture of IIT(BHU) on  Monday, the 19th September, 2016

About the Speaker: 
Prof. Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen (​popularly Prof​ Robertus Erdelyi, ​in​ publication​) i​s​ a ​
Professor and  ​Head of Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre in School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield, UK. He is also the Director of Debrecen Observatory in Hungary.

Audience During Lecture at Professor Gopal Tripathi Auditorium,
Department of Chemical Engg & Technology

He is a ​renowned expert​ in the general field of space plasma physics. The heating processes that generate and sustain the observed high temperature of the solar and stellar atmospheres have so far defied a quantitative understanding despite the multitude of efforts spanning over half a century. The aim of his research is to address these questions through theoretical (both numerical and exact analytical methods) and observational studies (joint ground-based and satellite missions). Particular attention is paid to the solar influence on the magnetosphere and Space Weather. Understanding the subtleties of plasma confinement at high temperatures is also strongly linked to modern fusion

physics. His interdisciplinary research (including e.g. Magnetohydrodynamics
computational fluid dynamics [CFD], kinetic theory) has direct applications in the new and rapidly emerging discipline of helioseismology and Space Weather, as well as basic teaching to engineering and science students .
Prof. Erdelyi has a wide expertise in teaching and research of space science, plasma physicsn,magetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves, fluid dynamics, analytical & computational techniques.

He is one of the world leaders in the field of solar & space plasma research (Citations > 6000, H-Index- 45) with an outstanding track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., 02 Nature, 02 Science, 01 Nature Communication​s​, and numerous papers in ApJ, A&A,Solar Physics, MNRAS, Space Science Reviews: The top-most journals in Astronomy and Astrophysics). He is also the scientific advisor in​ ​
various Indian national projects, e.g., NLST, MAST etc, therefore, has a significant role in Indian Solar Physics.

Abstract of the Lecture (Verbatim as given by the speaker):
“Did you know that more than 98 per cent of material in the Universe is in plasma state? Did you know the atmosphere of stars like the Sun is also in plasma states with temperatures of a few millions of degree K? And, finally, did you also know that the atmosphere of planets in the Solar System strongly interact with plasma flows originating from the Sun causing spectacular phenomena like the Aurora?

In this talk, I will introduce you to the exciting and fascinating world of plasma-astrophysics.
I will demonstrate why the Sun, being the most proxy space plasma laboratory, is so key in this technology-driven world.
I will also address one of the most frightening phenomena that can threaten human civilisation and life in the Solar System: massive energetic storms determining Space Weather. Finally, I will address how the Sun can contribute to solving another great challenge facing the humanity: our endless appetite for clean and green energy.”

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