Gap Sap with | Padma Shri Janak Palta McGilligan | Social Worker | S02E02 | Hindi

Janak Didi with Team Rosehub
Here comes the second episode of our Gap Sap Series Season2.Meet the tough lady, Padma Shree Smt. Janak Palta Mcgilligan (Janak Didi), with a tender heart that is utterly filled with the Bhartiya Sanskriti. Hailing from the lineage of Guru Nanak Dev ji, she talks about her childhood, her schooling the tantrums that taught her morals of life. From creation a history in PGIMER, Chandigarh, to adopting the Bahai Dharma in search of God, she now stands as the founding trustee and Vice chairperson of Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development, an Indore based Non-Governmental Organization working for sustainable community development. She is also the former director of Barli Development Institute for Rural Women. Watch the video. Like | Share | Comment

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