Roopsy Sonkar

Roopsy Sonkar

The chatter box Roopsy becomes next, with her creative writing that sometimes makes all other  members think out of the box. No, not at all questioning her skills, for she keeps the chirpy atmosphere going as well. She talks what she likes and writes what she feels. Ask her a question and you will never move out of the room unanswered. We do not take guarantee of her answers, let us clarify that. A smirk this time!

Preeti Kaur

Our writers are very slow! Text will appear soon (I hope)

Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh

When it comes to perfectly written maatribhasha Hindi, meet none other than our guest writer, Miss Jyoti.  Sweet and chirpy she is, but dare you keep yourself dirty in front of her. Our Doctorate degree holder has also interviewed famous personalities. You can also meet her up, provided you have done something worthy of being broadcasted on Akashvani, of which she has also been a part. We have all-rounders here, you see! Wink!

Yashmeen Rao

Yashmeen Rao

The birdie of our gang, who flies in and flies out of the office whenever required. Fun-loving by nature, she keeps the boredom away with her tricks and tantrums. A photographer under construction, she carries out experiments evry now and then with her skills. Start a conversation with her and I bet if you can stop her for this is what she is the best at. Do not take her lightly for she knows where to make the  best use of her braces!!

Deepti Banarjee

Deepti Banerjee

Meet Miss. Bannerjee! A pure Bengali, grown out of Bengal; she is a perfect blend of beauty and brain. She can take you by wonder with her illustration, designing and video editing skills. Equivalently capable with camera's she prefers to stay back at studio to keep the back operation running. Regularly balancing her study and office with seamless efficiency and a heart worming smile; she is the only one in our office whom we can ask for a job and expect it to be done without reminders.

Kuber Patel Team Rosehub

Kuber Patel

We always wonder why to invest in tripods, gimble or drone any way; as we have a photographer as tall and steady as Kuber. He is the master of gears, keeper of audio video data, and the slowest photoshoper you ever find. Surely he can give you the best candid portrait of your life but you must have had feed 1000 gaumata in your past life, before expect one if you are a male. Just taking his hobby too seriously and doing impossible job effortlessly, he still believe he is a proud farmer of Bundelkhand.

Click here for amazing photos clicked by Kuber

Ramkesh Patel

Fine teacher, life skill trainer, blogger, anchor and the core brain behind ‘Rosehub workshop’; Ramkesh Patel (M.Sc. IT) is the other prime curator of this project. Having more than 5 years of
experience in education field he has proved his unique capacity to empower his students in an unforgettable way.

Sagar Das

 One of the curators of the workshop, is an MFA in Art  &  Design from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. Having more  than 7 years of experience in advertising, publication, animation  and video production, corporate design, NGOs, and school level art  education; he is responsible for all the creative production for  ‘Rosehub’ as well as a mentor of Rosehub Workshop.

Currently Offline 

Priyasha Pathak

Priyasha Pathak

Nimit Kaur

Nimit Singh

Meghan Mukherjee

Meghna Mukherjee


Do you have the worm of creativity inside you that makes you think out of the box? Are you ready for overnight backpacking? Are you in to anti-feminist conversations, and yet be surrounded with all senoritas?

Then, you are at the right place! If you have the hunger for food as well as for creativity, Rosehub takes care of all!

So, get your written self-introductions ready (CVs are too serious to pronounce!) and mail us at You can also knock the doors of our office at MCIIE, IIT (BHU). We are waiting!