Youth And The Nation

In the age of globalization when the world is  coming  closer , several things have changed. It has provided the wide area of accessibility and also the opportunities to showcase their skills. As we all know that India is known for having highest  youth population. Which shares 28% of its entire  population of the nation and said to be the largest human resource in the world. Due to this impenetrable load on working population,  the problem of Unemployment as well as Brain drain came into existence.

      Unemployment is when the people with required educational qualification unable to fetch jobs due to population pressure and tough competition. Due to this reason they  have to look   for other alternatives which  is below their caliber. 
The quote “EMPTY VESSELS MAKE MORE NOISE” seem to be true when every time we hear about several anti-social activities run across the nation, and the reason  turn up to be unemployment. It is simple that if the youth is kept ignorant such incidents will come up as the news headlines. But now the government is is looking forward turn the  youth skilled by the initiative like ‘Pradhan MantrI Kaushal Vikas Yojna’ and ‘STARTUP INDIA’.

In the present day, India has became a production firm of talented youths in the field of engineering, medicines and different sciences. Every year  a good number of skilled youths are hired by the foreign  companies offering them  handsome salary packages. Which definitely  left no option for them rather to migrate to the abroad nation. Assuming that they get exploited in their work place is not true, instead  with their hard work and skills the reach the top position in their respective companies. Here the point is not that how good they  do in abroad but the thing which we have to understand is , what are reason that after completing their studies they prefer going abroad than working in their own country.

 So basically we are just creating skilled youth for foreign nations. Which simply a matter of brain drain. If  we seriously  want to withhold the brain drain then it’s the duty of our government to generate good opportunities for the skilled youth ,only then we can achieve our goal of reverse brain drain. With  better economic policies and highest human capital to excute it , there is still a hope left for INDIA to become develop in all aspects.

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