The Awkward Side…..

Creating an impression is one thing, and owning a baggage of Charisma is another. An elusive impression may fade away with time (because being pretentious is never permanent) and then there is a mystique that eventually gathers eyes around you.

So there are extremely attractive people, who are noticeable just by simply existing in the goddamn mediocre world. Then there are moderate people who are noticeable not only for their appearance but for their allured persona.

So What is the problem?

The problem is Social Anxiety. The problem of running out of words on the very distinctive time. Been there, done that.

So here are 5 rules, that would probably help you deal with these awkward situations in life.
1: Start it yourself


I have been prone to social anxiety as well, and I know it can be recovered. Begin the conversation. Give a big wide smile, and speak. Rather than asking for their names, or how they were doing begin with, “Where are you from?”. This question has a higher probability of having a precisely detailed answer. Then ask about family, people love talking about their families in India still.

2: Skip the small talk


I know it takes Apocalypse to skip a small talk unless the command is in your hand. So spill the beans about little personal things. Like if someone asks you about your profession. Don’t just start giving details about your company, it creates a halo.  You could rather say, “I am an Engineer by the morning and a Meme philosopher by the nights.” This would make you relatable to people.

3: Convince without convincing


Debates are necessary. It always creates a bigger area to think. But, whenever you are around such debates; over convincing people to actually agree to your opinion, just make your aspect sound more logical. And never force that on anybody. Just make it a better option, with salient proof and moderate voice.

4: Please yourself


Talk what you want to talk about. And be honest, straight to your opinion. Ask the guy/girl you like, if they would go out with you. At least you won’t be reading their secret gestures for the rest of your lives. This is the only way you could speak yourself out to somebody. Nothing to pretend….
That easy!

5: You will survive 


We do a massive thinking out about what happens if the tricks don’t work. What if you actually open up, tell them about your plans, and they just nod? What if you ask out your crush, and they eventually say no? The thing is this embarrassment won’t last forever. It would pass anyway. And whatever happens, at least you would be out of that invisible bubble you created around yourself. 

I can’t promise if you would succeed in every stage every time. Sure you’ll fail, Its Life bruh! But I bet, you would be remembered. Remembered by everybody.

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