Bundelkhand Diary | Ajaigarh Fort | Palace | Secret hidden site of Hindu and Jain Tantra | S01E02

India has a unique collection of hidden gems and Ajaigarh is one of them, a forgotten page of history which story, never been told. Situated 70 KM away from Khajuraho, this Chendla city, which have unbelievable layers of history left neglected and unrelieved.  A  400 years old deserted palace attracts treasure hunters with a magnum attitude, but the real mystery is spread over in 2 Square KM at the nearby hill top fort.
Ajaigarh means ‘un-invaded fort’ in Devnagri language. With its remote location and difficult terrain, it is also submerged in dense forest. The ASI has been listed this site but left no clue to understand the vivacity of it. Not only the Chandela’s of 12th century AD, but it have prominent indication of Kushan influence what makes the site at least 2500 years old. It has various Hindu and Jain artefact, mystifying stone curved idol of Tanrik gods and goddesses and a fort hold; built and rebuilt by multiple dynasties.

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