The unseen side of Feminism, that nobody speaks about.

Hasn’t it all been delusional? While holding on the concept of empowerment to a shore. Because in the world where power is everything that looks good, could there be a leisure for not being powerful, for not being the freaking hero who needs to save the day, like every day!
 But why men in our country, supposed to be that? 
See, I’m not a man. And I am just so happy about it. Because to be honest, it’s for me to choose, if I want to be the ultimate badass, a damsel in distress, a shy little girl or the powerhouse of the party. I can be what I want to be.  But it’s not with men. Manly hood begins to hover above the existence of a man, by the early adolescence, and if left untended you are in the permanent stage of disgrace. So I mention here the grounds upon which men should stop being judged. 

The troupe of Strength:


It’s good to be tall, to be strong, to own a heavy voice, look lean and muscular, it’s good, and I appreciate. But you can also own the day without any of these. If you are a leader, you don’t really need a voice or muscle, you can be it anyway. And if you are not, that 6-foot height of yours won’t make you one. So be happy with what you are, more of what us girls say, Celebrate yourself.

What is up, with the door?


Being a gentleman is one thing, and letting girls pass through the door is another, and holding the door while your girl passes is another level of another. Oh, yes, I admit some of the girls do get confused to the ‘push’ and the ‘pull’ written over doors, but we can cope up. And again, that is not a “just girl’s problem” be honest accept it. And give us a chance, while we speak or get inside the door; believe us, we can do it ourselves. We would never let Hodor be Hodor again unless he is already Hodor.

The Moneybag:


See, this is where it gets serious. As I’m talking only for the larger part of the country, where a man in the house gets the bread and butter for the family. But what if the man in the house, wants to be in the house? Not get out, be a mainstream worker. Be at home; write a book or paint, without any issues of earning more or less than your girl. Stop being replaceable with your wallet. Be wanted for yourself not your money.

The Decision maker:


It is certainly NOT necessary for you to decide each and every thing because you don’t know everything and it is completely natural. Be uncertain and be confused, this is how you find out answers. This is what life is, it goes, with imperfection and confusion, and conquering them is what makes you big, ignoring them doesn’t.

The scarier one:


You don’t really have to become the Dad that scares their child. You could be his best friend too, or anybody else. See, this is the 21st century; a man still looks the same, as he did back in time, but he doesn’t need to scare somebody. This man can be a nice person with a heavy voice, you can discuss 500 Days of summer with your mates because it’s a good movie, you don’t need to be wagging about Punisher all the time (No offence I love him too), even when you don’t feel like.

Douched Fearlessness:


Why in the world you pretend not to be scared. Why in the world you think being scared is bad. It is certainly not necessary to stand in front of that Cockroach secretly plead him not to fly and stick on your face when deep beneath, you are way more scared than the girl behind you. Go Scream!
Tell her that you don’t want climb the ladder to change the bulb because height scares you. Ask her to come along when it’s dark, as you don’t prefer dark much.  It’s FINE!

Wearing a Colour:


 You can always wear pink and purple, it doesn’t make you less of anything. I know it’s a great old deal and nobody really thinks like that. But just because people have continuously painted your brain in blues and greys, and because that spooky Barbie Doll wears it. Doesn’t mean you cannot look out for your preferences.

Pretending to be out of emotion:


You are allowed to be low. To sob once a while is okay, go nuclear! It’s not really great to hold on, to not cry when you want to scream. You are never big enough to be failing your own emotions. Because behind that beard there is a boy who did not want to grow up. But he did anyway because his friends would think of him to be less of a MAN.

Being a Jock:


See, I worship Sachin too. But it’s okay that you don’t want to. You don’t need to force yourself into sports when you actually never wanted to be that. Only because your friends call it cool, while you know, even he is struggling to cut the line. You don’t need to chase the ball if you don’t want to.

So it is to every man, boy and child. Stop burdening yourself, because society wants you to. Society is just the failed result of “Human rules for Dummies”, and it has failed you as it has failed us.


  So, smile a bit more, that you can always do, and talk to the boy behind that beard once a while, trust me he won’t let you fail. As this is what feminism is about. Equality. For you, for me, and for everybody.

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