Why Me?

Why me!

I’m sure somewhere or other you asked yourself, oh god! ‘Why me’! When having a stressful day, or when a lot of things go wrong — perhaps seriously wrong — all at one time, many people ask themselves the question, “Why me?” Or, “Why is this happening”? This question arises when you think you are the most unlucky person struggling to survive in this world.

When we ask this question?

These are certain scenarios when we say ‘why me’!
When we are in the middle of the bath and water went out.
When you are on a date with your girl friend, and your bike went shut in the middle of the road.
When you reach your examination hall just a minute before it begins, but you realize you forget            your admit card at home.(dead inside)
When you come fully prepared with chemistry but the exam is of maths.
When you get diagnosed by a serious disease. 
When you lose a person who is very close to your heart.
When you get punished for the crime you haven’t committed.

What are the reasons behind this question?

It’s the sign of negativity. It also showcases our pessimistic approach towards life. It’s simple, when we expect something good but it turns up as a disappointment, with all are emotional breakdown we curse our life and ask ‘why me’! When we are full of anger, annoyance, vexation and irritation we exactly don’t understand what to do we simply cry my lord ‘why me’! This situation leads to frustration because it’s very heart-rending to comprehend everything around you getting wrong.

Never lose hope

There are several personalities who dealt with all the difficulties and reached the height of glory but never asked god… ‘why me’!
Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam – a man belong to a very poor family became the  President of India well         know as missile man.
Yuvraj Singh – a very well known Indian cricketer defeated lung cancer and made a comeback           in the team.
Stephen Hawking – The most brilliant scientist suffer from rare motor neuron disease, is well             known in the field of Astronomy.
Eminem- best rapper in the world and his success story is well known to everyone. 

How can we deal with it?

So, now we know why we ask this question. This generally happens when we lack self-confidence. You should believe in yourself. We should try to understand that whatever happens, happen for some reason which we get to know later.
Instead of crying on what is written in the stars one should prepare oneself for the worst case scenario. Not every time you can control what is happening around you but as an alternative you can train yourself, how to deal with it. For positivity, instead of crying ‘why me’ with joyful smile say it loud ‘Try me!’

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