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Gap Sap | With Rakesh Tewari | Former Director General ASI, India

Team Rosehub with Dr. Rakesh Tewari
Gap Sap with Rakesh Tewari

भारतीय पुरातत्व सर्वेक्षण के पूर्व महानिदेशक डा0 राकेश तिवारी जी से एक खास मुलाकात.जो पेशे से पुरातत्वविद,स्वभाव से घुमक्कड़ और हृदय से साहित्यकार हैं जानिए उनकी उपलब्धियां, जीवन के अनुभव और कई रोचक संस्मरण गप-शप की इस कड़ी में |

Former Director of Archeological Survey of India, Dr. Rakesh Tewari is a valued alumnus of Banaras Hindu University. Dr. Tewari not only was an accomplished administrative head in a prime govt. organization; responsible for major historic findings and safekeeping, he is a true traveler by heart who had been traveling since his college days in many unconventional ways. His writings also depict his journey throughout India in his own perspective.

In this episode of Gap-Sap we will be exploring; how his journey took him to become one of the most prominent archaeologist of modern India!

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