How does it feel to be left alone? 

Or to be so heterogeneous that nobody feels to be of your kind, a little world that you have doesn’t fit anybody but you or the great big world fits everybody, BUT YOU. To read and to imagine, there is nothing wrong, maybe some of you might yell, “Get a life, live a bit more. Don’t be so dull”. But it’s not that easy, getting a life, when all you keep thinking about how disgusting it is. How a mature amount of time in your life is gone and yet you are a disgrace in your own eyes, and you could not earn one good person, who gets it. So, you plan to shut yourself, stay alone and scream over the pillow and cry rivers, for no good reason. It’s just the only comfortable thing to do.

This is what depression is. 

The feeling, of being left alone. While, you are the one who keeps leaving things behind. While you cry for the smallest thing like spilling water out of the glass, or getting a twisted ankle, and plead every time, “Why me”. Like knowing you have your own black clouds that are covering the sunshine, but can’t help remove them, as every time you touch them, it freaking rains a lot more.

The answers…

If you are depressed, you’ll sure read it and find comfort, but I can assure you, you are not getting answers for those questions that you have not yet discovered. This is more for the ones who are NOT depressed, who don’t think it’s a big deal, who think it is a very stupid and weak decision to commit suicide. Brother, weak people do commit suicide, but you need to know, it is not wrong to be weak. I must clear up I DO NOT support suicides at all. But, say your friend (just an imaginary one) has a chronic disease like Tuberculosis, he wrecked and weak and if he is not getting medications, Alas! He dies, but would you let it happen to a friend, you are supposedly a good person, and you would mix volcanoes to the sky to save that friend of yours, he is weak, but you don’t let him die, you help him out, it takes time, but he lives, after all the resistance.

            What should you do?

Your depressed friend is exactly like that, he shuts the door on you, misbehaves to you, asks you to leave, is because he is sick, he IS WEAK. And you can get him his medication, help him, talk to him, listen to him a bit, and maybe a lot. Be his pillow, let him cry, it will not be very pleasant, diseases are not supposed to be pleasant , but be the motivation he needs, they need you. You can cure their disease, you are the medication, and it’s the only way you can save your friend.

            What not to do?

 Do whatever Mate, never tell them, they don’t get it, that they think they are depressed, but actually they are fine, never tell them, they do it all for attention. Believe me they don’t. They need help, honestly.


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