An Introduction of Ambiverts to the world.

What does Ambivert mean already?
We are often called Chameleons, freaks and Sometimes Bipolar, which is totally another serious issue. In the little shuffle in our mediocre brain, You could say ambiverts are the Decimals in the world full of Binary. The crappy logical people in the town of Believers.

Although most people think, we are neither an introvert nor an extrovert; I tend to think its flipped. I think we are actually both. We are introverts in the group of extroverts and extroverts in the group of introverts.
Basically even we didn’t know, that we existed before Carl Jung came into action. So no issues if you don’t get us. Sometimes, we are complex to ourselves as well. And we get judged, Man we get judged big time. And we are buddies with the people who judge us.
So what happens in your life that makes you an ambivert?
The school typically eats up your mind.

Recess TV Series | Tj Detweiler Recess
You can never be a part of one kind of people. So you have friends everywhere. You dont belong to one specific group, but you are buddies with one sample product from every team. You dont enclose yourself in a limit. Being a typo is your biggest fear.
You are crazy and you are a maniac.

Those shy friends of yours think you are great at making friends, and chatter all the time like a chirping bird. The extroverts think you are just rude, and always just so irritated. While you actually read people in masses. But you can never just take off, even if you dont like them much.
Just a Mediocre, what you are…..

You have done many things, and you like most of those many things, but you keep switching yourself. From Quantum Physics to Shakespeare, you have been knowing it all, but never in details (unless it’s Harry Potter). You are not even lazy in details.
Arts and maths are same beans

You dont really get how Art and Mathematics are different. Both of them are equally tricky minute and brain sucking. Because you have been scared of both and you have somehow dealt with both and maybe conquered both as well.
Hands-on everything

Even though you manage to be known out of the crowds, nobody knows how to actually treat you. Like that extremely naughty reckless kid. Or straight outta Hum Sath Sath hai kinda Sanskari kid. Because you can be both whenever you want to. And what situation wants you to be.
We can cope with all the kinds


  We dont need to take sides, we understand both sides. the left and the right and the extremities are sarcastic to us. We can be with people irrespective of the differences, we can love Joey and Ross at the same freaking time. (Because we are basically miniature Chandlers!) .
Always the guy on hold.


You are never the best choice around, and that is what makes you the best. There would always be a better one, a better girl, a better employee, a better sibling, a better dancer. But no one in this world has the exact compositions of yours.

And all these might not seem extremely pleasant, but pleasant doesnt excite you that much. Too pleasant makes it Futile. And the world should know, the perfect person, is so accurate, that he would never accidentally pour that Chemical X.


So hey, we are kind of a cool people.

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